Moving-Must sell all chams and stuff

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I am starting with 2 females and a male, perfect for someone who wants to start a small business. The females have both had one healthy clutch (the eggs haven't hatched yet, but they are nice and white and doing well. The male is robust and sexy. They are all in their winter mode. The girls haven't become receptive. When they do they turn really peach, easy to tell when they are ready to mate. I have found that they frequently retain sperm and can lay 2 fertile clutches from one mating.

The females are from different Sire/Dams.

Male is a wild caught male hatched 12/15/12-parents unknown.
Female 1 is from Lonestar Chameleons hatched 2/2012
Female 2 is from Brian Stinson hatched 2/1/2012 Sire Spock Dam Punkin

These three will be sold together for $600. I live in South Florida so you can pick up if you live close. If not, I will need a zip so I can figure your shipping cost. Please email me at [email protected]. I don't check here too often so you will get a faster response there. I will also be selling cages, brand new bulbs in boxes and other equipment. If you ask I will let you know if I have it and how much I will sell it for.
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