moving is the worst!!!


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hey everyone. finally done w/ the move. all the chams, cages, supplies are all in our new place and they're all doing well. oh yeah, my family and all our stuff did well w/ the move. lol. i had some babies hatch out during the move and trying to get all the chams, babies situated while getting unpacked and organized was not an easy task. thank the lord for my wonderful wife.

still have some work to do w/ the cham facility at the new place but we're all moved in. hoping to get back on the forum in the next few days and see what's going on. :)

also, i got the first of MANY crested geckos last week. we'll be breeding these animals as well and i'm sure we'll go overboard w/ them just like we did w/ our chams. so keep an eye out for a new website, fb page, etc. ;);););)
That sounds like quite the stressful move, so glad it's over for you. I shudder to think about ever moving, and I don't exactly have a cham facility to transport! :D
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