Moving in sleep (at night)


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So I have a female veiled chameleon and she is doing ok so far. But I was hearing a noise and saw her moving. I turned on the flash light but she just stopped moving seconds before. Thoughts? (Btw this is my first pet in general)


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Ur not using a night light are you? Or is there any visable light in the room when her lights are off ?


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No night light. Her humidifier has a light but I sometimes cover it up. I also saw her making small twitches with her head. (She does have some small black print on her chin)


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Chameleon Info:
  • Chameleon- I have a female veiled chameleon and have been caring for her for six months. I can't identify her age but she's been laying eggs for a while now.
  • Handling - once or twice a day, five or six days a week. She really likes to come out a lot so I try to keep up
  • Feeding - I feed her crickets. Usually slowly give her three or for dozen. We resupply everytime we're out. I do not gut-load.
  • Supplements - we use zoo med reptivite and repticalcium. we give a few sprinkles of both. Every time we get new crickets I dust them.
  • Watering - we have a humidifier but I do use a spray bottle that sprays in straight lines. That's how I see if she'll drink.
  • Fecal Description - I have not seen anything other than the fact she has not pooped a lot lately. She eats quite a bit though
  • History a while back she had a wierd bump on her which I thought was a mite bite. Its gone now.

Cage Info:
  • Cage Type - Screen mesh.
  • Lighting - 100w zoomed heat bulb. Same brand UV
  • Temperature - usually it would be in the 70s/80s at top. Not sure about any lower.
  • Humidity - it's saying 40 at the moment.
  • Plants - no live ones. I feed her kale and broccoli though.
  • Placement - the cage is on a table next to a window that is covered up. The top of the cage is 3 to 4ft. tall
  • Location - Kokomo, IN

Current Problem I saw my chameleon moving around, eyes closed, in the middle of night. Upon closer inspection I saw her head ever so slightly twitching upwards.


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First, read up on nutrition and dusting supplements here:

You need to gutload your feeders. Also, if i read that correctly, you dust the feeders when you get them? You should only dust them right before offering them to the chameleon.

You need atleast 3 supplements. plain calcium NO D3, calcium w/ D3, and a Multivitamin.

These are changes you should make to your husbandry to make sure you cham stays healthy. the issue you are describing isnt one I have read about or experienced so hopefully someone else can give advice on that.


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I would recommend that you stop feeding broccoli. It has high oxalate and will block the calcium absorption rate
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