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Hey guys im moving from Puerto Rico to FL and i want to take my chameleon with me but i dont know if i would have problems shipping it. He is a 7 month old panther.
Most chameleons do well with shipping. There have been some tragedies though, when shipments have gotten lost or not delivered on time. Things like that. It is not the best time of year also as it is hot all over. You would have to do overnight shipping. I know some breeders will not ship when it is too hot. I am sure it is very hot where you are and Florida has been ridiculous. You can add a cold pack to help keep the temps down.
I have no idea if you need to do anything special to ship animals in or out of Puerto Rico, but I would call Fish and Wildlife in PR and then the one in Florida and find out what the process is. They'll know exactly what you need to do and tell you how to do it. I had to speak to the F&W here in Florida to figure out how to send him his Colombian boa to El Salvador and the process was actually pretty simple, it was just going to take several months to get the permit.

I don't know if it's easier and faster from PR to the US, but it didn't seem complicated, just a little slow.

And perhaps you don't need to do anything special at all, I just don't know.
Where in FL are you moving?

I don't see why you would have issues shipping him. Lots of people ship chams. As long as they're packaged right, and set over night, you should be alright to bring him with you :)
Thanks for the quick replys i will call f&w and yeah i think it would be ok but people here always say that panthers are illegal in puerto rico and if they find them they will take them away from you and that would really upset me since i love my little guy
Im moving to orlando and yeah i am not worried about shipping him its that ups wont let me ship him or have trouble with the authorities.
I think Fed Ex is the way to go. I feel like it would be easier then dealing with El Salvador just because PR is a US territory so it wouldn't quite be international. Or would it? I don't really know how it works, but I think if panthers really are illegal in PR, you're pretty much screwed
Yeah it would not be international like you said jupiter since its a territory and the panther being illegal is just what ive heard. Here in petsmart they only sell jacksons and they say they cant sell anything else because the goverment wont let them.

Which i think its stupid because if you allow jacksons why cant you allow a panther or a veiled ? They are all chameleons they just look different.
Well bad news ups and fedex dont want to ship my little guy and its not looking too good i might have to sell him :(
Update: good news! I managed to get him out of Puerto Rico (it was not easy to pull off) and he is already in florida with me getting used to his new cage! Thanks for all of your replies.
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