Mouth Rot?


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Hey guys, female jackson's is not doing so well, getting lethargic and I believe she is coming down with mouth rot, what do you guys think?

looks like what happened to my Male jackson... but it wasnt mouth rot. what happend to him was a leg of a cricket cut his mouth and it became infected!

only reason i know this is cuz i went to the vet...
From the looks of it, could be a temporal gland infection. This rarely leads to generalized problems so she could have other issues if she is lethargic and not doing good. I agree a Vet visit is in order ASAP to make sure she stands a chance at recovery.

If you can shed some more info as to the progress of the problem from beginning until now it might help too but a hands on examination by a vet would be the best option for her.

Good luck,
Bad news guys...Paluma didn't make it to go see a vet, was gunna take her today and she had passed while I was at work.
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