Mouth rot? please help


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I have had my panther chameleon for about 3 months now. He is around 13 months old. I am worried that he might have mouth rot. If so it seems like I caught it before it became to bad compared to some of the photos I am seeing online. I called the vet and they said that it would be $90 for the visit and $40-$80 for meds. I don't have a problem paying that but was wondering if there were any home remedies that some one could recommend for me to try first. Is this mouth rot? When I got him i noticed a slight mark right below where his mouth rot is now. The mark looked like some kind of burn and it has left a tiny scar on his lower jaw. I was reading that burns to the face could cause bacteria to get into the wound and cause mouth rot? Im just trying to figure out how this happened and prevent it in the future.

I have him under a mercery vapor bulb along with a repti sun 5.0 blub.
I give him the proper amount of vitamins and gut load his food daily.

Thank you thank you so much for your help and advice.


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No, he is normally very active and eats often. I just took him out of his cage after 10 and he had been sleeping for about 1hr. Any thoughts
If he is drinking and eating fine, and there is only a scare there on his lip with no swelling....... Wouldn't lose sleep over it:) I don't see mouth rot in the photos, just a scare. As for how it happend, IDK....... Bit or poked himself on something maybe.
I don't believe that is mouth rot. I would just watch and make sure the area in question does not change or grow larger and continue to check the inside of the mouth also.
A vet visit cant hurt at all. I would definatly keep a very close eye on that area, if it gets any larger i would def, see a vet. You could give the area a quick rinse with a diluted iodine solution to help kill any bacteria and clear any debris.
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