moths/butterflies as feeders


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I was wondering on what your more experienced pet keepers have to say about moths and butterlies. my query is that I seem to remember something that I think I heard in school that moths and butterflies carry some sort of dust on thier wings that is somewhat poisonous as a defensive mechanism against spiders and frogs and mantis's. If this is true then would I have to wash them prior to feeding them to a cham or maybe remove thier wings??
what say you.....
Dont remove the wings, there are certain species that should be avoided such as monarchs, viceroys, etc., as well as io moths. Just about every moth, and most butterflies can be fed off. To be safe, know what species of butterfly/moth you are feeding off and research the host plants of that species.

And just to make a little correction, mantises will eat almost any insect and know what parts of them to avoid, they will eat monarchs and then discard the wings, they will also eat bees and wasps and discard the venom sacs.
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