Mother Made Me Something Special

Hey chameleon forums! Been a while since I posted and what better way to get back into it then with pictures of a reusable bag my mother did up for me.

With winter she needed a new hobby and thought embroidery would be fun so I got to be a guinea pig :)

I got a fantasy colored chameleon bag now! Enjoy!


JoeVet is right! She designed the the word chameleon to look like one :D

She had to study my boy Thalin to get some of him right, but I went through and stenciled in the stripe details for her.

I will let her know you all like it! And to tell you all the truth I think it took her only a maximum of 10 hours to do.


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What a neat project your Mom did! And to think it "only" took about 10 hours :D Tell her to be careful or she could be selling some on here!
I said that too! But she says its a one of a kind D:

I absolutely adore it though and hope maybe I can get her to update it each time I get a new chameleon with a fantasy color look alike.


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Super cute!!! :D I have done needlework and cross-stitch and it does take time and patience! The bag shows she loves you alot! ;) Love her work :D


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Your mother is really talented :) Fantastic work.
I always love to see what people do with their other hobby after it has been influenced by chameleon keeping :)

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