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i've heard the word "morph" being thrown around and i'm not really sure what ur talking about. Could someone please help me?
P.S. And don't go saying that i'm a bad cham owner for asking about this, i've just started.
they are talking about were they came from within a species. Differnt locals gives a differnt color or "morph". Think Nosy Be Vs. Sambava.
I don't believe that there is a list of morphs for the veiled chameleon. It is a bit of a different subject from panther locales, and I am sure that some of the veiled breeders will be able to give more information than I can. From what I have read, there really isn't a guarantee that an orange sunburst sire will produce orange sunburst young. Personally, I think the blue veileds are incredible, and would like to eventually have one or two. I think that most would agree that the best way to make sure you are getting the color of veiled that you want is to buy it after its color has started coming in. Regardless of the color, there really aren't many chameleons as impressive as an adult male veiled!

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