Monty says hello, it's been a while


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It has been a while since I last posted a picture of Monty on here for you guys. Here he is :) He says "I'm grumpy"

And although I have been supplementing him very well since I learned he had MBD (that was almost around 4 months ago) his arms aren't looking much better :(


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Monty is looking good, and you will get him back to where he should be with his mbd.

Thank you. And I hope so. This is taking a long time.

Also I am capturing very small mantises around my yard and keeping them in a very large jar with foliage. I am feeding them aphids and small crickets I also find around the yard. However I do not plan on feeding this generation of baby mantises because they are wild.
Looks like you got him in a grumpy mood!
Are you giving him extra calcium for the mbd?

I used to not put the calcium on the superworms because he only ate like 1 a day but recently (about a month ago) I started putting calcium on them too. I'm not covering them too much but dusting them, not keeping clumps of calcium on ya know?
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