Mojo & Derpy found each other today!


Just a pic or two of them all flared up. I am curious to know if it is bad for them to be together? Obviously they can't live together so I shouldn't have them together all the time and I won't. I just hope I didn't take a year off their lives because they stressed out so bad over it. Maybe it's a good thing their manliness comes out once and awhile? Derpy (jacksons) was up at the top at first looking down on Mojo (panther) and just STRUTTING his stuff! Handsome boy! I got a good pic of him :) :confused:


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It honestly looks like they're both showing aggression. The panther does not look like he likes the jacksons, in my opinion.

Do that too much and it could stress them out a bunch. I would free range them in separate rooms and make sure they couldn't hurt each other, because honestly the panther is flaring up at the jackson and that can be bad.


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Stress is definately not a good thing for chameleons. A separated area out of sight of each other would be a good idea.


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Don't do it all the time .... But a little bit of flexing isn't going to hurt.

IMO I think it's healthy for a man off every once in a while.
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