Moe's new enclosure


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Well ive been building a new cage for my panther for about 2 months now, just finished it up, The cage itself is 24x24x36 sitting on a built in stand 24x24x28 with doors and caster wheels, The sides of the tank are screen doors with hidden magnetic latches, the top is screen that slides out, the front is 1/4" glass, I also installed a Promist fully automated mist system with a 2 gallon fish tank as a water tank with a heater so his misting is 80 degrees, it comes on 3 times a day for 1 min each, i also installed a ultrasonic humidifier and plumbed black pvc to the top and drilled holes in a tube full width of cage, it easily keeps his cage at 70% humidity on the low setting, i also made a lighting system hidden behind a panel on top that is fully adjustable with 3 light sockets on dimmer switches that are all wired to a timer. i am using a megaray uvb bulb wich i highly reccomend my cham has been doing so good since using it, oh yeah, the floor and back of the cage are formica and fully water proof for the heavy humidity conditions, i will post some pics as soon as i can get hold of a digital camera.
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