MJ wont take her vitamins!! After dusting its discusting!

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Your Chameleon - Female Jacksons chameleon, less than 1 year old, we have had her for about two weeks.
Handling - We have only handled her when cleaning the cage, about 2/3 times.
Feeding - We are feeding her live crickets and superworms to mix it up. We feed her in the morning, about 30 minutes after we turn her lights on.
Supplements - We are using zoo med reptivite and repticalcium dusting a few for her right before we give them to her.
Watering - We have a dripper that stays on all the time. We also mist the enclosure about 3 times a day. I dont ever really see her drinking tho.
Fecal Description - The dropping are dark drown with little bits of white. Not running and solid. I don't know if she's been tested.
Cage Info:
Cage Type - She is currently in a 16x16x30 screen enclosure.
Lighting - We are using the basic combination of blue light and the bright UVB light.We have a separate basking lamp set up for one corner. We usually turn the lights on around 7am and off around 8 pm.
Temperature - The cage ranges in the basking spot of 83-85, a mid level temp of 73-75 and a floor of around 65-70. Lowest temp overnight around 60. We have placed thermometers in the enclosure.
Humidity - The humidity stays between 60 and 80 sometimes going to 50 but rarely. We have a dripper and we mist the cage around 3 times a day. We have a humidity gage in the enclosure.
Plants - We have a midsized pothos in the enclosure. She also has a lot of vines and leaves to hide out in.
Placement - The cage is in a bedroom where there is no foot traffic during the day at all. It is located on a table top so the top of the cage sits about 5 and a half feel from the ground. It is near a fan that is never on and no vents anywhere close.
Location - We are located in southern California.
Current Problem - MJ will not eat the food after its dusted with anythibg. We tried crickets and the superworms with reptivite and calcium but we can't get her to eat them. The second we take one out without the dusting, she hunts and eats it within second. What do we do?!?!?
Injection ain’t a bad idea but that would only work best if you cup feed since once you fill them up they’ll slow down like chopping the head off a roach they won’t really be the same but you can gut load them also take some and dust the food it’s better than nothing and Jackson’s don’t need as much calcium/vitamins as Panthers and veileds do so I don’t think it’s much to worry about
True, they will slow down. But if I’m concerned enough about a Cham to be injecting individual feeders I’m also going to be hand feeding to monitor intake.
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