Mites in the tank?


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I have noticed little bugs in my brev tank, very small, round, I think with six legs. I see them a LOT when I mist the tank, mostly on the bottom of the tank in the moss, sometimes on the branches, sometimes on the chams :eek: ! They don't seem to be living on the chams, just walking around. They aren't springtails, they're quite round, about .5mm or so. Do I need to do something to get rid of them? I would guess they're detrivores, but there seem to be an awful lot of them. I don't think I can get a good pic, they're so small.


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Sounds like some sort of mite. Hopefully they are not parasitic, keep an eye on the chams especially around the arm pits and folds of skin around the eyes. I get them too in a few of my tanks and they tend to just go away then bloom again some time later. I doubt there is any effective way to totally get rid of them unless you redo the tank from scratch, but then they just tend to find their way back in via plants or something like that.

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