so I have a question about the Mistking I’m going to buy this weeken.
I have a 3.5 month old Panther Chameleon and I hand spray is enclosure 2-3 times a day.
With the Mistking how often and how long should I set that up for to mist his Enclosure?


Mine is set right before lights turn on, around midday, and then before lights turn off. I do 3 minutes each time for panthers. Some people suggest upwards of 5+ minutes; it's really up to you. I've never encountered eye or dehydration problems with my schedule.


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On my panthers i run a 2 minute session 45 mins after the lights come on, then a 90 second mist 3 hours after that, then a long 5 minute mist 3 hours after that, and then another 90 second mist 1 hour before the lights go off. All depends on your local climate and humidity and what kind of enclosure you have and the amount of humidity your enclosure holds. This is just what works for me. You want to make sure you have atleast one long session ei 5 minutes or so so the cham can clean his eyes and it gives them plenty of time to recognize dripping water.


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So as stated, this can vary quite a bit. It is a balance between what your chameleon requires, what the plants require and what the environment inside the enclosure will allow. I have experimented a bunch and find that the conditions may change a bit throughout the year due to the conditions in our homes. I will say that I have my MistKing set to go off about an hour after lights go on for a minute or two. From there I kike to have another session of a minute about 2 - 3 hours later. I have a longer mist about 4 o'clock to mimic afternoon rains that occur with the heating of the day and that is about 3 - 4 minutes long. I haven't seen any overly soggy soil due to good drainage in the containers or this could lead to root issues.

I also use a fogger at night for additional hydration. I have noticed that many chameleons will actually run and take cover from the rain and will not often drink. The fogging at night allows them to hydrate naturally. Here is a link to my thread about it if interested...


Bottom line is to experiment and find what works best for your circumstances.


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Hmm when I had a misting system I had it set for 5 min in the morning 15 around noon and another 5 before bed 3 days a week. Then the other 4 days I'd do 2 5 min sessions. I had varying nozzle types depending on the flow I wanted and the species...... in retrospect that was a lot of water to deal with. But I did have a few chams that wouldn't drink unless it ran for a few min. Idk I would honestly just mess around with it see what makes the cham happy without an absurd amount of water to deal with. I kept mine in the basement so overflows and spills werent a big deal.


I have mine go on 30 minutes after after the lights go on at 9:30 am for 6 minutes, and then at 1:00 pm for 6 minutes, then at 4:30 pm for 6 minutes, then lastly at 8:30 pm for 6 minutes
Thank you so much everybody for the reply’s. Now I have and idea on roughly how long and how many times I should set it at.


I live in Ontario Canada. My mistaking goes off for 5 minutes in the morning when the lights turn on, 3 minutes in the middle of the day, and 3 minutes and an hour before the lights go out.
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