mistking question


I just set up my mistking system. I did a test run on it and have found that the spray nozzle, since i cant point it downward, sprays and collects water at the top of the enclosure right where the lights are. I assume this is not good right? I dont have the lights on right now, infact didnt have them on at all while testing because i had a feeling this would happen. Any suggestions? Or maybe this may not be an issue? I feel like it would be though... im still trying to come up with ideas on how to mount lights but its not looking so good right now.... the cage is in a corner and on the left side its a window and on the right i could maybe mount a shelf but only small enough to have on light clamped to it. And the ensclosure is about 8 inches from the ceiling so theres not much space there either... idk im stumped lol
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