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So, I've just finished the little guy's new home, 2x2x4 screened cage. I have one mistking nozzle, ordered a second and the girlfriend & I are having a disagreement on placement. I had planned on having both nozzles in the top of the cage, diagonally from each other so the mist has a chance to hit as much as it can on the way down. Nichelle wants one nozzle up top and one nozzle halfway up the side so it gets more of the bottom half of the plant. If anyone has tried this weird side install thing I was wondering if you could give me some feedback. To me it doesn't make as much sense as having it up high, but in the end it's all about what's best for the little guy.

Mistking nozzles put out a lot of spray so just one in the top left or right corner will hit just about everything you want, plus I try to not hit their basking spot so they know that's their escape place. If it was mounted on the side I would be afraid it would shoot to much outside of the cage. Hope that helps.
Up top is where you need them.

If you had a super large enclosure, you might think of a little multi-elevational nozzle placement, but in a 2x2x4, top down for sure.

This will better simulate rainfall, and the more water at the bottom, the more you are just wasting it.

The plant will get plenty.

What is really ideal, is to have the mist hit a plant as high up as possible, then have the water drip down from the plant, like rain.

Misting isnt the same as raining, and they both have positives. So both is the way to go.

The mist will up the humidity more, by coating everything in water that will then evaporate. It will also cool the air and things inside the enclosure more than raining.

The raining will promote the chameleon to drink, by simulating the larger drops of water that occur in nature.

If a chameleon gets put in an empty box, and hit with mist, it may drink eventually, but its not going to assume its raining, its going to wonder what the heck is going on.

So, this time, you win, girlfriend loses. ;)
I set up my mistking in my 2x2x4 with two nozzles. One in each top corner across from each other. This covers everything I want it to. It also has dry areas he can run to if he doesnt want to get wet. The mist will build up on the top and "Rain" down on everything else.

I am pretty happy with the mistKing. Just working now on finishing up a drainage solution.
Thanks for all the info. Re-assurance is a good thing. Hopefully moving day will be tomorrow and he can settle in over the weekend :)
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