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I recently started using the rain nozzle on my mistking and ever since then I've only achieved 40-50% static humidity with spikes up to 60-65%. It's set to run at 9a, 11a, & 1p for 10 minutes and 3p, 5p, and 7p for 5 minutes. I also have 3 sides of my enclosure wrapped in shower curtain. I was wondering, could my hygrometer be reading incorrectly because it's coming down in drops rather than a fine mist? The nozzle is also mounted near the front while the hygrometer is on the back screen.


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That is a LOT of water :eek:! What type of chameleon do you have? A panther, right? You definitely don't need to mist that much. I would say you could mist 3 or 4 times in a day for maybe two or three minutes and that would likely be enough. You could also consider a humidifier if humidity is that big of an issue, but sounds to me there is an issue with your hygrometer. I generally use two in an enclosure for accuracy. After 10 minutes of misting I would expect the reading to be close to 100%.

From the Caresheets...
Humidity is an important aspect of chameleon husbandry. Panther chameleons require levels around 50-70%, which can be achieved by several misting sessions a day over all areas of the cage. Live plants help increase and maintain humidity. Sometimes a cool mist humidifier or timer-controlled misting system is needed. See Water & Humidity for more information.

Not sure what levels you are trying to achieve?
Yeah I thought it was weird too. Especially since when I hand-mist I get up to 80% within a minute, but when I'm hand misting it's damn near impossible to avoid getting water directly on the hygrometer, which I KNOW can create a false reading. So I figured that was the false reading, not the reading with the mistking
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