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Ok, so murph is set up in her new home, shes doing great, eating like elephant, long sessions under her basking lamp, but not been seen to drink yet, Is there any technique to misting by hand i.e can u "mist" the cham or try and avoid any water contact, is there any specific length to a misting session? any ideas ?

jamie & murph
I use to just use a garden sprayer, fill it with the hottest water that would come out of the tap, do a once over on getting everything wet and then just stand in one spot spraying. This will build a nice steam cloud. It got mine drinking most of the time or at the least got them smacking their lips around.

Alot of these garden sprayers can be munipulated a bit. Adding some hosing and misting nozzles. Not automatic but can save you some time. You can still fill it with hot water and get the same steam. Mine seemed to better with this then just misting by hand. My chameleons are very antisocail and I think my presence that close would stop them from drinking alot of times.

This thread shows what I did to convert the garden sprayer. Ghetto mister
Works well and is very cheap.

You can still mist by hand of course. Mine did stay hydrated when I was hand misting them.
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