Misting schedule?

I just found out that my Chamaeleon has to be treated for a respiratory infection due to over misting. I’ve got mixed responses from my research and would like to get an answer from experienced Chamaeleon owners. I have a Mister king set up. How often and how long do you guys run you’re missing systems? What hours are they turned on and for how long?


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My species has a little bit higher requirements than a panther. It will depend on your situation to adjust to the temperatures and humidity in your area.
I mist 2-3 minutes shortly after my UVB lights come on then my basking light comes on. During the day I have 3 short misting to maintain humidity around the 50% range and leave water droplets for drinking. I also have the basking light turn off around these mini mistings. My cams need less heat than yours and these little time outs help with that. Then my basking light goes off 30 minutes before all lights out and I have another long misting. At midnight my fogger comes on until 5am to boost overnight humidity.
Heat at the same time as high humidity can lead to infections.


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10min soak in the morning and evening for humidity. 6 more 3-6min soaks during the day, 3min if summer 6 if winter.

I think your issue is you did not let the cages completely dry out between mistings. During the winter its so dry i never have to empty my water tubs, but in the summer they fill up pretty fast.


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It all does depend on where you are and the weather you have.
Yes! It totally depends where you live, what the humidity in your house is (can be impacted by heating and A/C) and the weather/time of year.

I live in Colorado, it is INSANELY dry here so I have to mist frequently, and fog at night. Vet says that they see a ton of RI infections in Colorado due to the difficult conditions here. Heat+Humidity can = RI, but so can low temps/low humidity. It’s a challenge finding that sweet spot here.

I do mist a lot, but my enclosure dries out completely in between. Like JacksJill above, I have my basking lamp go off around daytime misting sessions, and I run the same overnight fogging schedule as well.
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