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(sorry the thread just changed, I realized I was ignoring an obvious advantage with my system lol)

Okay so this is going to be a work log on a crazy misting system setup. In case anyone else has needs for such a strange large system.

The Problem!

Until (and If) I build a bug room, I now have multiple cages, of which those multiple cages present an issue. They are getting Flooded! My misters for the Cham viv, run 2 mins in the morning, 5 in the afternoon and 1 at night. Thats fine for my 4x2x4 with its 6 (soon to be 8) nozzles, and large vents, and serious LED/Basking lamps, they dry the water well. However my little 18x18x20s, never mind my 18x18x6 cant take it. They are being absolutely Flooded. Even with their 1 mister each, its too much water, never mind the fact my daughter wants a beardie for her Bday, so another Lizard that wants even less Water. (not sure about misting that cage at all yet.)

So I have a Mister, and all these cages that need misted, at different times, for different duration's, I been hand misting, filling Reservoirs, Filling Drippers, Filling Foggers, FILL, FILL, FILL, Spray Spray Spray. Oops forgot to spray that one, crap, get the sprayer back out, Fill, SPRAY!

Ya time for a change lol.

So I have devised a Plan hehehe :p.


I am going to build a Box, that holds the Pump, and using a bunch of solenoids (and maybe some Ball Valves) I can control the water to the Pump, and out of the Pump.

Some very very Rough Drafts, of the Planned Box
Mist System Plans.png

As you can see, the plan is (I already did this, lol) to have this system hooked directly to the RO supply. This way, I can never have to fill a reservoir, and with the use of Fill Valves, I can have auto filling containers (fogger, dripper whatever) This is Dangerous, having direct plumbing to the cages, especially when I dont have the best drainage solution. So I will also either need to as the photo shows, have a double Solenoid system for safety, or better yet, add plumbed drainage to the cages. Which I will utilize I have not decided yet.

With this system, I can both control different tank Systems (have 4 or more different mist schedules) as well as Bypass the 20 nozzle limit of the basic misting pumps! (it will still be a 20 nozzle limit, per "channel" of water.

Parts are starting to Arrive (though I need a few more), and once this weather improves I will get started on a Box! After a little final planning first, that we will go through over the next few days.

Anyone tackled something like this? Any changes you would have made? Thoughts on this project? Ideas are more than Welcome.
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Here is the OEM that MK sources from:


Based on the math you are still good to go.

Looks like you will have 80 micron droplets at 30 psi, and 30 micron at 250 psi. So the difference between 75 and 55 is very very small.

Thanks, the idea changed anyway. I was going to upgrade the pump and do above, but realized I can do above no upgrade needed!

Anyway MK doesn't use those nozzles anymore, thats outdated, these are MKs nozzles.


MKs nozzles are in Red. They are Tefen 0.7-80-F, Black are the non "Non Drip" version, and Blue were a nozzle of interest to me, from another thread. I have 17 nozzles from the last few years, all have the same Tefen 0.7-80-f Reptile Basics replacements are the same Tefens. I am not sure, how long ago the change was made, but that is the Nozzles shipped with MK nozzles today.
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