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does any one have a habba mist from zoo-med I have one for SweetPea and just bought a second for the new guy I have them set right now every 3 hours for 45 seconds. Do you think that sounds about right.

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I've had mine for about a week...

I think it's been a week....LOL

I like mine, except I wish the mist was more "fine.
You said every 3 hours for 45 minutes? Do you mean 45 seconds?
Mine will only go every 1, 3, or 12 hours for 15, 30 ,45 or 60 seconds.

I would say it depends...are you counting on this as a dripper system for drinking or are you substituting it for regular misting?
I'm only guessing here ok, so please anyone correct me if I'm all wrong.

If it's for drinking I would say at least every hour..and depending on how big your plant is, you'd want it to run long enough to drench your plant so they can drink....so if it's a large plant to cover I would say 46 seconds every hour.
But if it doesn't have much of an area to cover and it all just ends up on the bottom of the enclosure, then run it for 15 or 30 seconds every hour aiming it right at your plant. I'm just guessing with this. You need to actually watch it spray and see how much water ends up where. In my tank 15 seconds put a lot of water on the bottom that would just sit there.

As for it taking over actual misting...everywhere in here I've read says to mist for about 5 minutes... and the habba will only run for 60 seconds max.
I do think it puts out a good bit of water in that time since the mist is not as fine as it is in a spray bottle, but I found with mine it would just drench a small area until I did this...
I put the habba inside the enclosure...then I attached the EXTRA tube and spray nozzel. Then I opened the valves on BOTH of them and pointed them each in a different direction. This way it covered a larger area.
I thought I saw saw someone mention to be sure that everything has time to DRY between mistings.....Is this correct everybody?

You might want to try misting really good and then TIMING how long it takes for everything to completely dry...
Also run that HABBA for say 60 seconds and then TIME how long everything takes to dry after that.
Doing all of that might give you a good idea of how whether to run it every 3 hours or every 6 hours (for misting).
I also had mine on a timer so it would stay off at night....and make sure it has enough time for everything to dry between the last mist and the lights going out for the night.
You'll just have to try different settings for a few days to see what works best.
But even if you want it to do a lot of the misting for you..you gotta think...it will be misting with room temp water, not hot water.
(aaahhh, I bet if the habba sprayed hot water, it would hurt them since it's not a fine mist...it would really be hot!)

I think when I get everything set up I'm just going to use mine as a drinking system.
I'm also going to try unscrewing the nozzels and seeing if nozzels from a regular squirt bottle will fit on in their place...to see if I can get a finer mist.

Ok, Everything I just related to you, is basically what I have been thinking about for when I set mine up. I really don't know for sure until I set everything up and actually see it.

I'm probably all wrong...if I am you guys...tell me...tell me....tell me..... LOL
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