Mist King attachment to different nozzle and tubing


Hello, so my Monsoon RS 400 broke down after a year of working and I recently bought a MistKing starter kit. The tubing and nozzles I had from the monsoon are permanent on the cage and I was wondering if I could use the Mistking system itself but, use the nozzles and tubings from the monsoon? Is this possible or do I have to redo my whole setup? Thank You in advance!


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You can keep your Monsoon nozzles but they will not be as a fine mist like the the Mistking nozzles and if the tubing is the same 1/4 inch then you can use that too.


The tubing is almost the same size but the mistking is a bit bigger so I was going to use some sort of connecter to use both.


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I would switch it out.... The tubing for the mistking is in my experience is also firmer and holds its shape where as the tubing I have seen from the monsoon is more squishy. You will like the mist king nozzles more because they are a very fine mist. Just make sure you are using RO or distilled water or they clog up.
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