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I can't even believe that this has happened. I came home after being gone for the better part of the day to find hermie gone. I have NO idea how he got out of his cage (and I live alone so no one could have done it). I've spent 1.5 hours tearing apart my one bedroom apartment in search for him... with no luck. I've looked under everything, in everything, on everything, through everything ... I don't have THAT much stuff!! I'm absolutely devastated. :(

Knowing him he has gone to sleep for the night, so I wont have much luck. I'm really scared right now that I moved something and it's trapped him. I will continue again tomorrow morning and my mom said she would drive up to help me in the afternoon if I have had no luck.

He had 3 cc of fluids subq this morning and it looks like he ate a silk worm or two before he left ... he wasn't skinny to begin with ... does anyone have any idea how much time I have??? Should I get 24 hours?? Anyone have any hints on where these guys like to hide??

my hopes is that he'll start moving around tomorrow and I'll hear him rustling or see him. I just can't believe this... His cage doesn't zip all of the way because there are too many branches that I've wrapped through the frame, so it only zips on one side, and then the other side is lined in clips to keep it closed. The only thing that I can figure out is that he must have climbed up the bottom lining, slid down and snuck between the lining and the cage.:(

I'm leaving his cage door open and lights on ... maybe he'll come "home"...
when cosmo got out he was on the telephone wires for my dls (the wires coming out the wall). check anythink tthat myte ressemble vines and even the curtains . im sure you will find him. wish you the best
hmmm after reading this i thought of something (dont hold me for this i have not tried it).

You said you do not have much stuff, maybe if you have some slow moving feeder (maybe like 3), maybe a type of worm, you could put it on the ground so you could keep track of it. You could elvate yourself off the ground (incase Hermie is on the ground and doesnt keep an eye focused on you). Once Hermie gets hungry, and sees one of these feeders you might see him (or her) move to come get a snack or a tongue shoot out from under something.

The feeders just may get his attention and he will come out of hiding...
was the cage door locked when you noticed him went missing?? was there any holes or spaces in the cage where as he might of ripped through???? if not then he magicaly went through the cage or ???
I left his lights on in his cage all night ... figured it wouldn't hurt anything. I just got up and there was hermie chilling on a branch, with pieces of dust stuck to him.:D I canNOT believe that he went back in his cage on his own -- I didn't give him that much credit.

I have one of those fully screened zippable cages. When I was hanging his vines I had to wrap them around the framework as I drapped them back and forth, which made one side unable to be zipped (zipper pieces wont meet). I use clips to keep it closed so I think that he either a) squeezed between to clips, or b) made his way out the bottom. The door is one that can just flip completely up, but the cage has a plastic liner that lines the bottom and then comes a good 6 inches up the sides too, but it doesn't allow me to run the zipper along the bottom, so I have the liner clipped to the cage, but those are easily worked off and not very firm. I think he had to have climbed up the 6 inches of plastic, slid down, worked the clasps and then made his way out. I've seen him trying to do it before, but never actually thought he cuold do it.

It's time to bring out the duct tape.

I still can't believe that he came home ... I wish he could talk and tell me where the heck he was!!
Another thousand uses for Duct Tape! :D

Glad you found him safe and sound... Whenever a chameleon gets loose, always think of high places as that is the natural instinct for them to head. I was away once for a few days and had someone caring for my chameleons. My pet chameleon that lived in my bedroom got out of his cage (he would sleep next to my bed every night in his own little tree :)) and I got a phone call saying they couldn't find him. I was very upset when he still wasn't found the next day. I told them to look at every high place they could find. They finally found up on the top shelf rack of my walk-in closet. I had a round window in my closet where the sun shined through all day and he had climbed up my clothing and made a nice little basking spot for himself in the sunlight! Silly guy.... :rolleyes: I was worried sick and he was having a nice sunbathing session! :p

I was so very happy he was found.... It can be very upsetting if a chameleon gets loose.
I am so glad to hear that you found him! Hermie has become something of a legend in my mind, and he needs to live to a ripe old age to prove how tough chameleons really are!

Heika said:
I am so glad to hear that you found him! Hermie has become something of a legend in my mind, and he needs to live to a ripe old age to prove how tough chameleons really are!


I second that! Hermie is Amazing. Sounds like he went out for a night on the town. Glad everything turned out good, Again. LOL

You better be careful, Hermie's running through his nine lives...

I'm glad to hear that he's back safe and sound. I too am an avid reader of "The life and times of Hermie the cham.":D
well hermie went into the vet for a recheck today. WBCs were back down to normal ... yay! Phosphorus was still a little high, so we'll continue wtih fluids, but only once a day.

Unfortunately his bones aren't doing as well. :( He doesn't have any breaks or anything but new rads didn't show very good bone density. The vet (new to us, I just moved) started him on vitamin D shots 1x per week and also a high dose of liquid calcium twice a day. With recheck in another four weeks.

I told hermie that people are interested in his "life drama" and he was quite flattered. I found a post-it note on my lap top this morning telling me that my cage "securities" weren't up to snuff and he had made it out and started his own blog to chronicle his life and thoughts. He said it's not completely current yet, but it takes a long time for his little chameleon feet to type...

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