Mini humidifier inside cage?


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Crested geckos don't need that much humidity - if you have them in the typical glass enclosure with mesh top, just give a good mist at night & they are good. If you have a particularly arid environment, add some live moss sponge at the bottom & mist that once during the day, mist the enclosure at night since that is when they are going to drink, and keep the moss sponge damp.


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I use a mini humidifier for my female veiled chameleon. She never tries to meddle with it or anything and it's perfect for keeping the humidity up. I would say just make sure you turn it off/have a timer turn it off before it runs out of water every day.


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The humidity level inside a heavily planted cage that also gets misted will get very high. The humidifier's internal parts (switches and wiring) will eventually corrode and kill it. They are not designed to be used in moist conditions...might even create a shock hazard. I tried this once and found it shortened the humidifier's lifespan a lot. Not worth replacing it. If you want to run it, put it outside the cage but blowing in.
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