Might be making eggs


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Well I believe its that time in her life were she wants to do it. She has been very very motivated to get out of her cage and even does laps on her cage. I believe from what i have read she is looking for a mate. I have read a decent amount on her and looked at the blogs. I even had someone tell me to put like a small back up camera on top of the cage for when she gets to the point of laying her eggs so we can look in on her through the camera. I am mainly just looking for any extra advice anyone can give. I appreciate you looking and hope to hear some good advice. Thanks
Do you have an opaque container (at least 12"x12" deep x 8" wide) of washed playsand in her cage so she has somewhere to dig to show you when she's ready to lay the eggs?

What colors is she displaying?? Does she have yellowish mustard colored splotches on her? Bright blue dots? Background color?

When she starts to dig so not let her see you watching her. It will make her abandon the hole and can lead to eggbinding if it happens too often. She may dig several test holes but should settle on one and dig it until she is satisfied with it. She should then turn around butt down and lay the eggs...often in the evening....fill the hole in and tamp it down and return to the branches thirsty and hungry.
I have the container ready with the sand in it. They are the orange/slightly pink with darker brown. she has light blue tiny spots around her, and i do not see the yellow mustard spots, but she has put on 10grams in the last week so i know she is doing something.
Oops...it must be a panther not a veiled. Sorry. Can you post a photo of her please?

Is the container in her cage?
I am trying to find the better ones and yes the bin is in the cage. No digging in the bin yet, but she has been to it and looked at it. She has sometime for the eggs to fully form I believe because she has only recently put the weight on.


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