Mesh help !


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So after convincing my hubby to convert the huge bedroom cupboard for my chams, im starting to gather supplies so he can make me my new enclosures.

Im totaly stuck on which kind of mesh to buy...obviously it will have to be some kind of metal for the top for the heat lamp, but I really have no idea which kind to buy.

Ive found this for the door

im in the u.k, if anyone could give me any ideas what to buy that would be great :confused::confused::confused:
pet screen is by far the best and most durable when it comes to making cages, though it is really expensive. if you are cupfeeding, or free ranging a small amount of feeders at a time in the cage, regular fiberglass window screening will do fine. though try and avoid letting a lot of feeders loose, as they can eat through the screen. on the top, it can be window screening again, but aluminum so that the bulbs dont melt or burn through. you can use aluminum window screen for the whole cage too. a tad bit more expensive, but better in the long run
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