MERRY CHRISTMAS SALE panthers from $65-$75ea!!!!!

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    IMG_0351.JPG IMG_0351.JPG One last MERRY CHRISTMAS SALE!!!!!
    The last sale I did had about 50 animals to sell and the vast majority sold in 3 days. This sale has just over 60 animals in it. So it's close to the same. Don't hesitate if you want one or some.

    READ EVERYTHING!! Don't just go to pricing. Lots of your questions are answered in this post. Responsibility is yours to read everything.

    I'm going to basically offer my wholesale rates to everyone except there is no minimum order to get the deal. You can buy only 1 if that's all you want. These babies are still pretty young. 5 weeks to close to 2 months. But next week when I ship them they will be 6 weeks to 2 months old. I do not offer bloodline information to wholesale orders and I'm treating this sale the same way. Please don't ask for pictures. This will only hurt the value of my animals when I retail them. I have both true blue nosy bs and ambilobis. Locales are 100% guarateed pure. Sexes are not guaranteed but I will do my best.

    Ambilobis-$65 ea. Plus shipping ($50)
    True blue nosy Bs-$75 ea. Plus shipping ($50)
    Order as many as you want it's still only $50 for shipping.
    10 lots are cheaper by $7 per animal
    Guaranteed to arrive alive and lively. That's it.

    **********You must do a video unboxing for me to honor my live arrival guarantee. Cell phone video is good enough**************

    Call, text or email. I poorly keep track of pms. Text is by far the best way to communicate
    ******* the one pictured is one of the nosy bs. Some are smaller and some are just I tiny bit bigger. Ambilobis are around the same too. Some bigger some smaller.

    Thank you
    Craig Wyatt
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