Mellers chameleon

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  1. Yes, they can live alone no prob. It's just that they can live with others... that isn't very common in chameleons.

    Henry prefers to be alone and displays very unhappy coloring when he can see other chameleons, even other melleri. He will 'hide' behind a plant when he can see others. He is even shy of the dog..... for obvious reasons. He doesn't care about her when he can see her.... shows no stress. but I noticed he sits behind a plant more when she is in her kennel, in sight. There is no chance for the dog to reach him, hes about 4.5' off the ground and shes always locked up unless someone is home.
  2. SoCaliRocker

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    I'm sure the one at the store is a bit stressed considering it's WC and in a cage. I wish I could get one...but for now I'll just admire your pics lol.
  3. Zajlol

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    It hanks so much for the info!!! :)
  4. haha Brad, yeah I might have just changed the water out before taking that photo... :eek:

    And yeah those were my thoughts about the vines in the free range. it's actually kinda fun to see the melleri pacing the vines going up and down and around. I would say George is the most active aside from Lenny. George goes all over most of the day just checking things out.
  5. try amazing blue or northwest chameleons in my opinion they have quality melleris
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    Do you know if they have any available as of now?
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    Thanks so much for De-mystifying Mellers. I've been wanting one, but can't free-range due to cats with claws. I love that idea of 2 cages side by side, never thought of that. Great job with yours, and hopefully at some point I can convince my husband that we don't really need a dining room, and might as well fill it with chameleons!


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