Melleri,Ambilobes and Hoehnelii

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Still trying to downsize my collection ....I have a male and female Melleri , both are LTC and are about 1 1/2 years old , they are extremely healthy and beautiful , the male weighs 291 grams and the female is a little smaller , but just had a total hissy fit when I tried to weigh her lol ...they are each $250 plus shipping ......I have an absolutely amazing Ambilobe that is almost 2 years old , he is an awesome breeder and his sire is Spock from Crazy Eye Chams..he is $450 plus shipping .....Ambilobe male , 3 years old , sire is Stamper from FLChams, he also loves the ladies:) ...his left eye has a bit of a droop to it been like that since I got him but doesn't affect him at all...he is $225 plus I have a female Hoehnelii, 1 year old , she is $100 plus shipping ...lastly I have a 2 year old Ambilobe , sire is Gambit , he has some issues with his tongue and it shoots upwards so he has to be hand fed ...he also needs some help to go to the bathroom at times , so I usually give him a weekly warm shower and that works , because he is not absolutely perfect and I want him to go to someone that's going to give him the extra time he needs , I'm only asking $100 plus shipping for him , he's a really sweet laid back guy and whoever gets him will really enjoy him:) Please pm me or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions ..thanks


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