Meet my axolotl. And name help.


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So I have had this little guy since the middle of May, but never really got to announcing him or showing any pictures about him. I might be a cham-less college kid, but this little guy keeps me company in my dorm room. He's growing like a weed, and I'm hoping by Christmas break he'll be big enough to go in the thirty gallon tank and not be lost. lol. The professor here at Blackburn bred him and does a lot of studying on them, and even has a whole room dedicated to them here at the college. So...enough talk and here's the man. If anyone has name suggestions that are cute and might end with -otl, that would be fantastic!

Sorry the pics stink, they were taken with my phone. And I know the bottom is bare, I need to go buy bigger rocks that he won't accidently eat.
Thanks. :) It's amazing how fast he is growing. And how much he eats. lol.

I'm really open for any suggestions, I can't think of a single thing.
I have decided to name my little guy spyro.

Today while he was eating I was able to get a measurement of him, he is 5.5 in long. :) He's growing big.
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