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Oh they can get yuh pretty good lol my veiled used to be pretty fiesty but never got ahold of a finger try introducing him to hand feeding! A lot of people will say to get him to the point where he won't fear the hand


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Teenage-Veiled-Syndrome. Should go way in a shed or 2, aka 90 days. its best to win their hearts with hand fed treats they normally dont get in their daily food.

Jish an speedy

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I have had my veiled for bout 6 months now and always feed him a hopper everyday out my hand.
Until one day I tried and he bit me right on my finger.
Since then get has not let me go near him and hisses everytime I go near him now.
He has been like this for like 2 weeks now.
Realty hope he goes back to the way get was.

little leaf

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LOL - :p I have heard of this- I think my 16 yr old daughter also has this :eek: :p :p

hand feeding is how I "won" the heart of a nasty female Veiled I had here for a bit- but you could never just "pick her up" - but if you held a worm w/ one hand, she would (when she wanted to ) walk onto your other hand and let you take her out - dont give up, but dont force him either :)
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