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I discovered a pretty severe mealybug infestation on a pothos in one of my chameleon's cages this morning.

First, can these things harm my chameleon in any way? I am guessing no, but you never know.

Second, and most important, any tips on eradicating them in a cham-safe way? You may not be familiar with my setup, but my cham room is a jungle and I am worried about a massive infestation and losing some of my favorite plants...



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Us orchid geeks use a homemade mixture:
"10 drops dishsoap
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon extract
2 cups tepid water

adjust ingredients as needed.

This is great for cleaning leaves, bacteria and fungal infections, bug teterrant, and now bug and slug killer !"

I don't know if cinnamon is harmful to chameleons though... But I'd make up a bath, unpot the plants, and soak them all in this mixture. Cause if one plant has it, the others probably do too.


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I believe I just discovered a mealy bug infestation on my pothos too.:mad: Did this treatment help rid your pests? Are they harmful to my panther chameleon?
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