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bought a 50ct container of med mealworms for lil peptio (3mo) veiled cham. and he wasnt interested it crawled around in front of him for a while and it eventually fell to the floor and later died, he not like them or what am i doing wrong
It doesn't mean that you are doing anything wrong. Sometimes they just don't like the food that is offered to them, plain and simple. They all have different tastes just like we do! I just posted on your other thread about cup feeding. Maybe try putting a few meal worms in a cup for him to try. Make sure the cup is shallow enough and hang it froma branch so he has easy access to it. Also make sure the cup is not too see through, as you don't want your cham shooting his tongue at the outside of the cup and possibly injuring his tongue. If your cham does take a liking to the meal worms, I would use them sparingly. Keep crickets as your primary feeder and use the meal worms as a treat here and there.
Pepito? Hhahah! Love the name... Try and feed him something else. Mealworms aren't the best for them but can be used sparingly. Try Superworms (smaller ones) and see if he takes those. Silkworms, Hornworms, Crickets, Dubia, Lobster, Waxworms (treats)...:) Keep trying and he might just take one.
Cup feedings.....

cup size do you think for how small he is one of those bathroom dixie cups would work or should i still cut the sides down a bit? then tie it up with string???
yep thats what i tried.. but like the guys above said make sure it is not clear. trust me they will shoot there tongue at the bug through the clear cup mine did it, not to good i hear. there tongue will really try and take the cup along. mine was not eating worms either, and i just put a glass candle top at he bottom of the cage with a branch or lead down to the bowl. and when he is hungry enough he will start getting the superworms or what not. just something high enough to where the feeders cant get out. i also tried the cup from a strin and didnt like it. its like if u do not put it down far enough they will not see it. and supers work good because they are active and stay alive awhile in the cup for days with food. but anyways he will eat them worms hopefully :) goodluck
I don't think you are doing anything wrong. My panther didn't take horn worms at first now he loves them. I'd just offer at different times I'm sure sooner or later he'll start eating them. Then the hard thing will be getting him to eat crickets again. :)
cup size do you think for how small he is one of those bathroom dixie cups would work or should i still cut the sides down a bit? then tie it up with string???

just try to use something where the worms or crickets cannot crawl out. I think a dixie cup is way too small! Something like a quart milk jug, then cut the top off and make it the size you want as far as the depth. Not too deep though!!! If you put crickets in there you have to angle it so they cannot jump out or you can remove their back legs so they physically will not be able to jump. Affix it to a branch or vine securely with string, twist tie, etc.
This milk jug with screen glued in the middle is what I use. It works for worms, crickets, strawberries, you name it! Critters go up and down on it and that stimulates my chams to eat from it.

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