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how many mealworms should i be feeding my cham during the day/week? He loves them more than crickets, although he is not getting that many. He won't eat crickets in front of me but he does mealworms. Also what is a good lighting unit made by exo terra? that is all i can get around here.
Exo-Terra makes flourescent lighting called Repti-Glo. A Repti-Glo 5.0 should work fine for a UVb source. I use an 8.0 with my veileds.

Mealworms are not the most nutritous feeder. I would use them sparingly. Maybe a couple a day. This really kind of a preferance thing. Now since you have access to mealworms the link above shows you how to get some beetles out of that. They are a little better for a feeder. Then you get a two for one on that deal. I use the beetles and the mealworms.
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