Mealworms for Chameleons


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After I run out of Crickets I usually feed my chameleon mealworms. And I came to find that there is a reason why this is not recommended. As you know mealworms are hard on the outside and usually takes more effort to eat that’s why this is not a recommendation. After feeding Aloe a few mealworms. I noticed that she threw them back up in whole pieces. After seeing this I changed up her feeding. Quickly.

I now just want to warn you to try to resort away from feeding them mealworms because their body can’t digest the hard exoskeleton of the mealworm if they don’t chew it up right. If you are feeding your chameleon mealworms. Space out the time from each mealworm you feed them. And offer them water after they eat each one, give them a different feeder, feed them some dark greens or just space it out a couple minutes at a time.

It is not the best when chameleons throw back up their food. But also don’t mistake this for other diseases. normally it’s because they didn’t chew it right. Research just in case!
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