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I'm a college student and my girlfriend and I went home for two weeks so I could get things done at my house. However I had to leave my chameleon at my girlfriends parents house and after two weeks we get him back he looks healthy and everything. Now he looks tired all the time very weak but is still eating and when I take him to sunbath he perks up for a little while. When he climbs in general he's shaky but not all the time and his grip is still very firm any suggestions on what I should do?
Mbd would not happen in a matter of weeks if you think that is a possibility. Post some pics of him and we can tell you what we think might be going on.
Still cannot see the pic! Are his eyes sunken in at all? Without really looking at him, it is hard to say anything. Did you try attaching pics below with the manage attachments link??
No not really and his colors are still showing. Could it be a calcium deficiency? What do I need to do to help him out.
Please answer the questions in the how to ask for help thread at the top of the health forum....and if you can post recent photos.
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