Massive hornworm delivery


Not really a delivery as in USPS. Shaun, my 2 year old tabby brought an enormous hornworm inside today. I have absolutely no idea where he found it, but he was incredibly pleased with himself! It was huge, at least 3 inches long and unhurt.
I flung it over the fence in the hope that some hungry bird would get it, but no, it was found and brought back about 5 more times!
Even if I had known where it came from, I couldn't have fed it to Pico as it wasn't much smaller than she is.
Maybe I should look for some small hornworms at the reptile show next week. I've about given up on crickets, they're not active enough to interest her, they die by the thousands, and I hate them!
Dubias seem a much better proposition by far, and the ones I bought a month ago are still doing well, living on the patio in their container.
I've almost given up on crickets as well. THEY JUST CAN'T STAY ALIVE! Usually Enzo only goes after things that move and only on occasion does he eat a dead cricket.
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