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Good afternoon,

I bought a chameleon, who is now about 10 months old.

I bought him from quite a respectable chameleon breeder from my country and he was sold as Masoala locale. When he was a bit younger he was showing some red stripes (not that visible) with some blueish colour around them. Now when is a bit older, there is now red whatsoever, only blue stripes, with white to greish background. Now he seems like Nosy Boraha to me, but the breeder is not breeding them now and his brothers have classic red stripes.

My question is, is there a chance that there is now red att al at masoala? Even when he is in front of a female?

Photos are showing him when he was 2 months old and now at 10.


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Nosy Boraha panthers can have only red or only blue and have that u-bar shape, so my guess would be both chams are Nosy Boraha instead of Masoala
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