mantis pods just hatched

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i got 3 mantis pods ,one of them was hatched this afternoon,i put some of them in the veiled cages cause there were so many of em.
has anyone ever fed veileds mantises before?

when i went up before the light goes off some of the mantis were on the top of the cage under the uvb light.
I would think that freshly hatched mantids are far too small for veileds, unless they are hatchling veileds. I feed the mantids to my brevs and temps.
i left about 60-75 of them in 4 cages at first i seen them ,then they started disapearing maybe the crickets ate them, theres one still alive that was separated all three of the pods opened,the one pod all died ,mostly all because i wasnt watching it and it got dry and they hatched n died.
i got them from ebay it was buy 2 get one free they were about 7 dollars delivered.

Mantids are alot of fun, but they are also a really lot of work if you want to grow them up. They eat alot of fruit flies.... The baby chams love them though. Anyway, hope you have alot of fruit flies on hand :)
Fate X said:
i left about 60-75 of them in 4 cages at first i seen them ,then they started disapearing maybe the crickets ate them,

It is also possible that they ate each other...

Good deal on the pods, I am off to look for some.

I don't have any specific links atm, but I have seen them for sale at a few online gardening sites. They are sold as predators to help keep harmful insects away.

Found a link: arbico organics
How nutritional are Mantids. It doesnt seem worth the time and effort to raise these to a feeding size for my veild. Does anyone raise these for feeders, of just feed the Nymphs to babys/pygmys. I know people keep them as pets. That article Leah did is amazing. Thanks for that info. You guys are very talented. Thank You

Frank, mantids aren't really all that pratical to raise up strictly for feeders. They are a nice treat every now and then but they do require a fair amount of care. What most people find is that when you start keeping mantids for food you soon enjoy them as pets and get hooked on them as well.
mostly i think its psychological to the chameleons , because its something different to eat.the mantids are some work to use for feeders they gotta be separated , i heard you can use babyfood jars, and they gotta be fed.
the good thing is i think they only need to grow for about4-5 weeks until they are ready to be feeders.
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