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So I want to get some mantis egg sacks from joshes frogs to use as food but I was curious. Now I won’t be able to feed all the mantids off before they get too big so I was planning on keeping at least one as a pet and probably giving a couple away to people who also wanted pets what do you all think? I also wanted to throw a couple hatchlings in my enclosure to take care of gnats is this a good idea?


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I had the egg. About 200 got out of it.. Anyways they did not eat the baby crickets, instead they ate their siblings.. From 200 I got ahold of 7 of them. 4 of 7 died just like that, I dont know why. 3 of them were eating honey and sometimes crickets but they escaped.. Anywas I think you should try this. I eas really new to this but I dont know what I messed up.. Crickets were the right size..
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