Man he is moody today


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So I came home today from work, and my normally very laid back, usually always bright green and chill (eats from my hand even while holding him) veiled chameleon is in a rather grumpy mood! I haven't done anything except put some food in his enclosure and water him but he's now sitting under his light, all darkened up, like a forest green color, with his dark spots on display, beard extended and puffed up. Not sure what his deal is but I hope it's just a mood and not a sign that somethin could be wrong. Wow, as i'm writing this i just watched him like, wiggle his whole body and open his mouth wide like a yawn, and his spots darkened. Any ideas?
When I had my veiled a couple years ago he did that sometimes I think it was just a mood thing because the next day he was totally normal. He did the yawn thing once to but I didn't know why.
lol he just spied a cricket from the opposite corner of his enclosure, brightened and flattened right up, and made a bee line for it. now he's hunting and seems quite content. Maybe today he just wasn't particularly happy about my invasion of his home.
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