US Male Veiled Chameleon for Sale in Chicagoland Area


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Unfortunately, I am looking to rehome my male veiled chameleon, Leonardo. When we moved into our current apartment I thought we would be here throughout the rest of Leo's life, but our new landlord is raising the rent and we'll be moving between February and May. I want the best for him, and I don't feel confident in my ability to provide that anymore given our unexpected move and other unforeseen factors.

Leonardo is about 1.5 years old. He's healthy and he's from FL Cham's Newton bloodline. His colors are gorgeous and he's fairly well-tempered, although it did take a while to gain his trust. Since I'm more interested in making sure Leo finds a wonderful home, I'm only asking $150 (OBO) for him and his cage (Leo himself was $100 so you're getting a great deal). His cage is custom built and it includes both of his lights (UVB and heat), a MistKing, and a humidifier. There's storage below his cage for his food, etc. I've attached photos of his cage and of him. I would prefer to rehome him to an experienced owner, but I am open to anyone that's interested. I live in Chicago and would need his new family to be local.


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*Update - A local reptile shop has graciously agree to rehome him. If you're local and still interested, Leo will be at Curious Creatures LLC in Chicago. He will be quarantined for 30 days and then will be available for adoption.
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