male panther URI, have been using baytril for 12 days and still URI


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the title says it all. my blue bar 1.5 year old male panther has a uri and the vet prescribed me with .1 ml doses of baytril orally for 7-10 days. i have been giving him .2 doses after the 7th day because i still saw mucus down in his throat. he still has mucus in his throat and its the 12th day. what should i do? his appitite is still very low and he doesnt move around too much. i have been told to up the temps, but he doesnt like sitting under my basking lamp. he has the right enclousure, 4x2x2 and a uvb/uva strip, 75 watt heat lamp, (temps in basking spot 95) and a dripper. what should i do?? i have other chams and their doing fine. i have delt with another URI without any problems. help please. btw he is also in the middle of shedding
Did the vet do a culture and sensitivity test to see which antibiotic would work on the type of infection that your Cham has? Baytril does not work on all of them.
no... i don't know what that is, it would probably cost more money.. he has a URI. he had foam on the sides of his mouth. everyone i know uses baytril for it and some people use fortaz because its not as harsh on the kidneys or whatever.
and its not just that he had foam on the sides of his mouth but in his throat as well. i would hear him cough once or twice a week and he made popping noises. i think im going to stop giving him baytril now.
Wy did you increase the dosage for no reason? That does not make it more effective, only harder on the kidneys and more likely to cause side effects. You were prescribed a certain dose for a reason. And yes, culture and sensitivity does cost more money, but if the medication you have been using is not working then you're going to need to figure out what medication will work. And you won't know that until you find out what bacteria are causing the infection. Baytril is a good empirical drug, but it is not going to work if what's causing the infection is a bacteria that baytril doesn't work on. There are other medications besides baytril or Fortaz that may be needed to actually kill the infection.
ill talk to my vet about that test. but we will see how he is the next few days. I stopped giving it to him
If your cham still shows the signs of a uri, then what good will waiting for it to get worse do?

Obviously, the Baytril didn't cure it and another medication is needed.
It even happens with people.

Hope your cham gets the right medicine ASAP and heals soon.
Foam out of the mouth is a red flag!!! My oustie has a minor uri using baytril and its working for him but I'm pretty sure they don't cause foaming.. That sounds a way more serious infection
Im not saying the baytril is causing the foaming??? he doesnt foam anymore at ALL. when he wasn't on any medication, he started to have more mucus in his mouth and sometimes when he opened his mouth it would go on his lips... its not like hes actually "foaming", like from rabies or somethin. He has a URI man... he makes popping noises, he used to weeze, he has stringy mucus in his mouth (not much now), and ive been to the vet and he already told me its baytril. I called my vet and there is no other medication he can give me because the one or two bacteria types that is effecting the URI are extremely sensitive to baytril. i will keep you guys posted, he looks better today.
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