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Hello, I’m planning on going with a Veiled Cham. What are the pros and cons of going with a male/female?thanks much.chammy007


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Great choice! Yay!!! (y)(y)(y)
I have 2 females and they are my first and only chams so far. I didn’t really chose to have females...they just kind of happened. While I absolutely adore my beautiful and chronically grumpy ladies, the whole egg-laying thing provokes severe anxiety. Even though one has successfully laid once with no problem and I’m pretty confidant in their husbandry, it is still nerve wracking. For this reason alone, I would recommend getting a male. Males are also more colorful and have that gorgeous big casque. So, male gets my vote. :)


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I wanted a male as well for my first chameleon, which is why Anamcara now has two females. But Coza is an awesome female and a sweetheart.

She is very sweet. She's been getting comfortable and stretching out in her enclosure.

Females can have a little calmer attitude then males -- though this is not always the case. IMHO the egg-laying is not hard if you are set up properly and have your husbandry on point. I carefully sifted coco fiber to make Mona's lay bin and she choose the potted plant on the side of her enclosure instead. My understanding is a good amount of egg binding happens when the eggs do not form right inside the chameleon. Both my girls are chill and very sweet. That being said, I would still like to have a male at some point for the experience and the coloring.


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I say go male but then again my crazyness went and bought a female 2 weeks later because I felt bad for her.

The only difference with females is reading a little more to making sure you have good husbandry to make sure the female feel comfortable enough to want to lay her eggs.
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