Male or female??


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Holy yehosavits its girll! No really I'm thinking the first picture is just the skin folding over what shes climbing on. I don't think those are actual spurs. Need more picture!
Doesnt look like folded skin at all to me, i could very well be wrong tho. Have to take into consideration that the chameleon is still a juvenile so the tarsal spurs are not going to be as large as the picture posted above. Post afew more clear pictures and im sure a veiled expert on here can give you a definite answer.


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Idk looked male to me, the crest is also kinda large so I’m leaning male. If it’s like my larry his spares took awhile to form. Some days they poked out more then other days then one day they grow.


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Το τσάμι είναι ένα όμορφο κασκόλ.
βρήκατε μια κουκίδα στο πίσω πόδι του Tsami?
Ο Έλληνας μου δεν είναι τόσο καλός.lol
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