male or female please tell me im losing my mind


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please let me know 3 months old


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here are some more pics


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If you purchased this baby- what did the breeder sell it as? Or did the not gaurntee the sex?
Also what lineage is this baby from?

My panther boy was thought to be a girl and was going to be used to breed but when then realized it was a boy and sold him to me. Some times it's just a waiting game.
Indeed a female. That was my original guess but I edited it until I could sleep my headache off and think more clear ;)
The breeder said it was a female andapa sambava female me and my friend bought brother and sister but i keep seeing confusing pics and i was looking at a male ambelobie so i can breed but he almost looks the same as mine
All baby panthers will look the same at first, and then they'll change as they mature. But you should be able to sex them right out of the egg - the idea is that you have to look at the vent area and see the difference at the base of the tail.

Under the "breeding" sub-forum there is a great thead on sexing baby panthers with lots of photos.
There is nothing about that baby to indicate male. The base of the tail, the coloration, everything says female. Some can go through a stage where they are hard to sex, but I have no doubts about the one in those photos.
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