Male or Female Panther


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Bought this little guy about a month ago online. Paid extra for juvenile and a male from CB reptile.

After a bit of research I think I got a younger one than anticipated and a female.

Anyone have any thoughts?


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We got our girl Picasso from them 2 years ago in June. It was the same for us Paid extra for a male Juvenile Panther. We got her and she was teeny tiny. Couldn't give us an exact hatch date said her clutch began hatching some where last week of January 2020 and finished like mid Feb. We asked them several times if they were positive a male and they kept reassuring that yes definitely male. She got to be like 6/7 months and none of the male colors were showing yet so I came on here and asked all the awesome people in this forum what they thought and they immediately confirmed what we were suspecting Picasso is a girl! Your baby looks like our girl and looks female but I am in no way an expert. Good Luck with your baby


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Looks like a female. Very thin tail base. You will need to provide different basking temps and feeding amounts for her as she matures to control clutch size also have a lay bin available to her.

Make sure your only fogging at night when temps are below 67 otherwise you risk her developing a respiratory infection.
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