Male Jackson is recently angry


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Hello. I have had my male jackson chameleon for about 8 months and he eats a lot and drinks a lot too. He's never really been a problem. He's not the happiest or most tame little boy but he's great. He hast strong grip, a big appetite, and he's very active. The only thing is is he's recently sometimes looks really pissed. He's never hissed and he's always been pretty happy but for some reason he sometimes turns dark and opens his mouth and puffs out his throat like he's angry. But then when I pick him up he turned green again and he looks normal. What does this mean? I recently got a bearded dragon and their cages are pretty close. I dont think my chameleon likes him at all so I'm wondering if maybe he's being a little territorial? They can definitely see each other so i dont know if he's just being pissy becuase I have another reptial in his vicinity or what.
I'm holding him right now after concerned that he was getting angry in his cage and he looks completely fine. All green and happy. So I'm really not sure what the problem is. Maybe he's just hitting puberty lol


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I used a few small pieces of duct tape and a light green shower curtain liner from the Dollar store, cut to fit with scissors to cover the back and sides of my 3 cages.
It's not only a sight barrier. It's also great for keeping in humidity. And the green looks relatively natural.
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