Male aggression towards receptive female


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We have had our chameleon pair since November of 2019. We never really had considered breeding them but Our female is receptive and PERSISTENT at attempting to entice our male and he is having NONE of it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Currently I am of the opinion he can stay single the rest of his life but my daughter the future zoo vet and her father disagree so we are looking for more information. I have attached pictures of the aftermath of the worst encounter. She pursued him and remained passive and calm and he bit her face!!! Before when she has behaved this way he has behaved aggressively but she turns her butt to him and he walks away... any help is appreciated, thank you!


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If he's acting aggressive don't put them together.
Are you sure she's not already producing eggs? What color is she when she sees him?
Do you put the male into the female's cage or the other way around when you try to mate them?
Can she see him all the time?


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I have seen male panthers like this one. You can try putting them in a neutral setting not his or her cage. Wait at least a month so his hormone level can change. Be ready to separate them if he shows any aggression.
Many of these guys never breed while their brothers go on to father many clutches. I haven't heard any good theories as to why some remain confirmed bachelors.

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when my males get aggressive I take female out right away... next day I feed & water both before introducing female to male..then watch closely.. very close..that works 99% of the time
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